The Sweet

The Sweet


OK, this is my first post in Nevada. Here's my version of Shade, which is
just the chords for the song. The tablature for the solo and the lyrics are
already present in the directory here, so I suggest that you refer to them in
conjunction with this arrangement as I quite frankly can't be bothered
(and don't know how) to cut and paste etc. Anyway here goes.



Dm Cadd9 Am7 Fmaj7 G6
C/D (no third) [hammer] Dm Cadd9 Am7 Fmaj7 G6
C/D (no third) [hammer] Dm Cadd9 Am7.....


C/D (no third) [hammer] Dm Cadd9 Am7 Bbsus2/F G5 :||


Dm F Cadd9 G :|| Dm F Cadd9...

[Verse Chords]


Solo Chords...
[Lead guitar has reverb and slight delay]

Dm F Cadd9 G :||

[Chours] :||
[Includes distortion after first time]

Chord Directory:
= slide

Dm = x57765

Cadd9 = x32033

Am7 = x02010

Fmaj7 = xx3210

G6 = xx5430

C/D (no third) = x555xx

G5 = 3x0033

G = 320033

Bbsus2/F = 113311

F = 133211

    Lirycs SweetLirycs SweetLirycs Sweet
    The Sweet

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