The Sweet

The Sweet


Where do we go from here

Girl we could sit, and talk all day
You could stand up and just walk away
by the time you step out the door
bet you forget what we came here for
You see what i mean to say
cause we can\'t lead our lives this way
we could forget or at least we could try
to start again or say goodbye

Baby, where do we go from here ?
Baby, where do we go from here ?
Baby, are you for one more try ?
Darling, or do we say goodbye ?

You`re more like a stranger every day
I\'m like a kid who\'s lost his way
When were together, it ain\'t the same
Yes in a way that were both to blame
Oh yeah we both have our funny ways
But we made it rain on thoughs sunny days
We could pretend, what good would it do
Girl Iґm still a fool for you


Iґve been thinking it over
Every day and every night
Anyway I turn
I can see no end in sight
Just think it over
Think of what you do
Oh girl Iґm still a fool for you

Chorus (repeat twice till fade)

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    The Sweet

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