The Sweet

The Sweet


Tall girls (1980)

Straight out of school and they're on the street
Don't know much 'bout the people they meet
Can't find a way to speak
When their legs are tired and weak

Tall girls, tall girls on their knees
Short girls, short girls stand and ease

Seventeen think they know the score
Soon found out there's a whole lot more
Feel the need, feel it ache
Mind and body start to shake


Disco here, disco there
They've been picked up everywhere
Looking straight into the eyes
Are they thinking 'bout the size


They sure stand at ease
Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah
It's the tall girls
The tall girls on their knees
Ooh, the short girls
The short girls stand at ease
Yeah they stand at ease

    Lirycs SweetLirycs SweetLirycs Sweet
    The Sweet

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