The Sweet

The Sweet


Rebel rouser (1974)

Inside out gonna burn tonight
Cause the heat is on and the time is right
Who is the face that's gonna set the pace
"I'm a rocker, I'm a roller, I'm in outer space"
Come on, come on, well you come on strong
With my knees all weak from your lightning streak
Like a thunder flash, supersonic crash
He appears, you'll freeze
Knock your head over heels

Allright, allright, allright, allright
Rebel rouser, rebel rouser
Cosmic king, worship everything
'Bout the rebel rouser, rebel rouser
Juvenile jive
Gotta be a rebel rouser
Gotta be a rebel rouser
Gotta be a rebel rouser

He got u.v. eyes that can hypnotise
And his sky high lies infra-red disguise
Who is the guy who's gonna catch your eye
"I'm a supersonic razor lasered from the sky"
Look out, look out, when the rebel's out
He can chill your veins, explode your brain
He was born to rule, baby, he's no fool
He was heaven sent, but his soul's hell bent


He's a rebel (Repeat 4 times)


Gotta be a rebel rouser (Repeat 3 times)

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