The Sweet

The Sweet



You used to dream you'd
float in flowers
And talk for hours and hours
You told me so
Yeah you told me so
And then a ship would come
And take your soul and fly away
You told me so
And I can hide in your mind

I got this feeling about you
You're the, sure thing I know
In my Heart
I got this feeling about you
And I, can't bear to be apart from you

The dancin' days were fine
We used to dine on mince and quince
Without a spoon
Yeah without the spoon
And searching further on
And deep inside a spiral glide
We'd reach the moon
It was all in your mind

Apart from you

(The days grew shorter) The days grew shorter
(The nights seemed longer) The nights seemed longer
We knew that soon the leaves
would fall to the ground
But deep inside we cuddled
Under the snow
(We reached nirvana) We reached nirvana
(And took her further) And took her further
She danced upon a golden light storm
It was all too soon (in your mind)
In your mind

Apart from you

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    The Sweet

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