The Sweet

The Sweet


Little Willy (1972)

North side , east side
Little Willy, Willy wears the crown, he's the king around town
Dancing, glancing
Willy drives them silly with his star shoe shimmy shuffle down
Way past one, and feeling alright
'Cos with little Willy round they can last all night
Hey down, stay down, stay down, down

Cause little Willy, Willy won't go home
But you can't push Willy round
Willy won't go, try tellin' everybody but, oh no
Little Willy, Willy won't go home

Up town, down town
Little Willy, Willy drives them wild with his run-around style
Inside, outside
Willy sends them silly with his star-shine shimmy shuffle smile
Mama done chase Willy down through the hall
But laugh, Willy laugh, he don't care at all
Hey down, stay down, stay down, down


Little Willy, Willy won't
Willy won't, Willy won't (repeat 4 times)

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    The Sweet

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