The Sweet

The Sweet


I wanna be committed (1975)


I Wanna Be Committed (Repeat Twice)

I thought I was a space age cowboy
I thought I was a sweet and sour chow-boy
I thought I was a thinker
a juvenile d-rin-ker
I thought I had, some kind of a brain
Till they, told me I just a rumour
a cheap and nasty looner
But it turned out, I was just insane

I wanna be committed
Insanity permitted
I wanna be committed (from my mind)
I wanna be committed
Don't let me be remitted
I wanna be committed (if you don't mind)

Well at the dance last Saturday night
He was a rockin' and a rollin' and a holding her tight
'till he got his hands on her
But when he started out to play
she kept a pushing me away
'till he got a funny feeling
He was walking on the ceiling
and someone was heard to say 'If you don't mind, sir.'
I don't mind

I thought I was a teenage dream-boy
With a, brain made of solid plastic alloy
I thought I was a tripper
There ain't nobody hipper
But it turned, I was going down the drain

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

I Wanna Be Committed (Repeat 3 times), from my mind

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